Gran Eustachio Roma

Close to the Pantheon in Rome is the “ultimate coffee experience’’ according to Web forums and diletantic trip advisor guides. The Gran Eustachio at Piazza Eustachio has accolades aplenty according to a majority of European or American reviewers so this needed investigation. The advice is to go both as a lifestyle and culinary experience for the supremo Roman Coffee. Is this the King of coffee coiffure, (no not coffee with hair around it) or should some legends be best left on the internet?

In real life it is another over touristed, buy a ticket, get into the queue, wait and get a coffee experience. This aficionado’s coffee was a sugar infused, fairy floss, cremer bomb served with ultimate
disdain by a practising member of the aragoncenti. Here omnipotence is enacted as an “espresso religion” interrupted only by the clientele intruding upon the site of savoury sainthood.

We do get a good coffee in Melbourne and Sydney, perhaps a little less loved, but certainly with the unaffected taste of correctly roasted beans, pleasantly presented whilst seated and served.