Artists retreat in Monterosso

Cinque Terre……Flashpacker heaven

The laid back lair of Manuel the recalcitrant artist lurks above the village streets of Old Town Monterosso in his original family home chopped into 5 rooms each with own bathrooms.

Perched above the town – yes there is 145 steps to get there – get a rousing reception from the two Roman mastiffs chico and nuit. Better still pull up a chair on the deck for the best Trieste beer and locale cinquessential organic Red and White Vino at only E1 per glass.

No frills no spills, this is simple stuff, but the right price to stay while walking the villages as you return to chat in the twilight with fellow raconteurs. This is a step above the backpackers but if you ask nicely the farinata or pizza oven will be cranked up and convivial city commences. Always heavily booked but perhaps we can squeeze a punter in by getting in touch directly.

Allow for the Ligurian narcolepsy.

Monterosso Monterosso