Agritourismo in Umbria

Montefalco …….The Village on the top of Umbria

UmbriaJump the walls and taste the best olio from surrounding olive groves or sample Montefalco Rossi & Sagrantino wine.

Try an Espresso at Café Corso, hear Trattoria ‘Il Versiere’ hubble bubble toil n trouble, try a tipple in the ‘Drunken Snail’, maybe a festivale. Something is always happening – no time to be bored here.

Where to stay:

1. Alongside the walls in a 2 bedroom upstairs apartmenti or a one bedroom spacious number directly below with cocks crowing the sounds of rural activity.

2. The Agritourismo luxury Villa with 3 bedrooms, a pool, herb garden and rural views a few minutes from the Montefalco walls. This is a special place. But wait there is more…

3. How about a restored monastery. Bring all the relatives to have the ultimate Italian reunion amongst a happening traditional Italian cheese making farm.

Be warned… Montefalco sneaks into cranial cavities and takes over thought processes